WPAIO 8 - Mark Munoz

A former UFC middleweight contender, these days Mark Munoz is known as “Coach Mark” to the many children, aspiring wrestlers and martial artists he teaches. The 2001 NCAA Oklahoma State University national wrestling champion is now passing down that wisdom to his son, Trey, who just captured his first high school state championship as a senior. Mark takes some time to discuss life, family, his UFC days, wrestling, mental and physical preparation, battling depression, finding light in the darkness and much more.

WPAIO 7 - Samuel R. Harris

Sam Harris has every right to be bitter, angry, suffering, anything anyone who has gone through unspeakable hardship may feel — instead, he’s none of those things. Instead, he smiles. The life in his face is genuine. The glint in his eyes says “you can’t beat me.”

Born Szlamek Rzeznik in Deblin, Poland, the 83-year-old is one of the youngest Holocaust survivors. His book “Sammy: Child Survivor of the Holocaust” details his life and the sacrifices made by his family and many other families.

WPAIO 6 - AJ Benza

He’s the host of the successful entertainment & celebrity gossip podcast “Fame Is A Bitch.” He’s an author, a former TV host and regular on “The Howard Stern Show.” He’s been in “Rocky Balboa,” “The Sopranos” and has shared screen time with Mel Gibson. He made his bones as a gossip columnist for the New York Daily News. He’s also … Joe’s uncle.

WPAIO 5 - Frank Forza

A truly eclectic individual, Frank Forza is an award-winning writer, a two-time TEDx speaker and a highly-decorated grappling competitor. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt has worked for the UFC, World Series of Fighting, and visited the White House twice during his accomplished career as a news reporter. “The Organic Tank” also inspires many via social media with his diet and lifestyle choices.

WPAIO 4 - Naz Barouti

An attorney, a talk-radio host and an author, Naz Barouti is not only a founding partner of Barouti Law Corporation but she also lives in the same building as Monica Lewinsky. She has been a legal analyst on Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News, and has been known to inadvertently break up an engagement or two while putting together prenuptial agreements. Host Joe Fernandez and Ms. Barouti discuss everything from the Kavanaugh hearings, the #MeToo movement, what guys want, keyboard warriors, being unsettled about settling down and more.

WPAIO 3 - Erik Lothbrok

He flies around the country helping men find love, confidence and an antidote to "Approach Anxiety." Dating coach Erik Lothbrok sits down with host Joe Fernandez to discuss breaking the ice, romance, how dating apps/social media affect his business, creepy guys, toxic femininity, guys who marry their high school sweetheart vs. dating, single moms and how full of shit was the movie "Hitch."

WPAIO 2 - Spyridon Alexopoulos

By day, he runs four family-owned restaurants. By night, he is the hand and mind of burgeoning sketch artist Spyridon Alexopoulos. Besides creating the cover art for this podcast, the Chicago native, son of Greek immigrants and one of the workhorses behind the popular Halsted chain, Nookies, sits down to discuss the restaurant business, fights, art, funny accents, creative outlets and more.

WPAIO 1 - Lawrence Dunning

Entrepreneur. World Traveler. Former MMA fighter. Current Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. British. He swears he's not James Bond. Joe calls bullshit. Lawrence joins Joe on the debut episode as the two dive into philosophy, martial arts, politics, religion & more.